So you are planning to buy a rice cooker?
In this review I’ll review (obviously) Panasonic SRG06FG 3.3-Cup and Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup (Cooked) Rice Cookers.

Let me first start with Panasonic one.

I think I like this one even more than Black & Decker and here is why.

Well Panasonic rice cooker is very good and decent. Price is very affordable. So basically you get cheap and decent cooker for not so much money. But this cooker is very basic. However this is general purpose rice cooker. I think it will work very well with all types of rice and oatmeal.

It should be enough to cook 3-5 cups of cooked rice. That should be enough for even whole families.

Good thing is that lid is made of glass. That way, you are able to see through the lid and see how is your rice cooking.

Cooker and its design in general is very simple. For example bells and whistles aren’t included so you won’t be alarmed when is your rice cooked. Also this cooker don’t have a keep warm feature.

On that way if you don’t eat your rice in a hour or two, it will lose some temperature.

Good thing is that rice isn’t browned and it’s cooked very well.

Cleaning up is really easy. Pot is made  (or actually coated) of non-stick material and you won’t have a problem with cleaning.

So this rice cooker is very basic. Continue reading this review to get more information on another cooker.

It’s by Black and Decker. Model is RC3303 3-Cup (Cooked). This cooker have some similar features as first one cooker by Panasonic.

In this review I’ll try to make difference between those two.

Black & Decker cooker is also featured with lid made of glass.
It’s also very basic but it’s featured with alarm. Alarm will inform you that rice is cooked and it will automatically turn to mode keep warm.

If you aren’t in big need of alarm you could stick to Panasonic one.

However this one have alarm and it’s very cheap too. But lack is that it’s too small. It’s maybe enough for 1 person or two persons. But it’s not enough for a family.

It’s also easy to clean up but another lack is that it might splatter a bit.

So all in all here are my thoughts.

If you want to cook only for yourself or for you and your mate and you don’t need to cook a lot of rice every day then Black&Decker rice cooker is probably best solution for you. Also this cooker is featured with alarm.

But if you want to cook for your family then go for Panasonic. You will be able to cook for 3-5 persons but you won’t be able to keep the rice warm for longer period and Panasonic rice cooker isn’t featured with alarm. But price is very affordable and I think you will be happy with it.

I hope this review helped you find which one is best for you.