In previous post I have already written about Hamilton Juice Extractor 67650 vs Black & Decker JE2200B Review and in this juice extractor review I’m going to write about Waring JEX328. It’s decent and good. Price is affordable and I hope you’ll like features I will mention here.

Anyways here is a pic of it so you can see how it look like.

So here are main features of this juicer:
400-watt motor
safe parts for dishwashing

I said 400-watt motor. It’s very powerful but not that powerful. It’s pretty much decent one. Remember I have written post on an another juicer by Hamilton? Well I think that Hamilton juicer is 2x stronger than this one. Remember double power! But it doesn’t mean that this juicer should be thrown away just like that. This is a decent and very good juice extractor especially since it’s made of stainless steel. Such steel is better, more safer, easier to clean, long-lasting and what not! I like also another fact- dishwasher safe.

If you can’t be bothered to clean this juicer every time then if you got dishwashing machine just put it in.But I’m not sure about all parts. I think that some of these parts you have to clean manually, by hand. Unlike Omega juicer this juicer is centrifugal one. That means it’s quite fast and very fast (even faster than Omega masticating juicer) but also let me mention in these juice extractor reviews that feed tube is very wide. I think it could be even more wide but that’s it. It still will be capable of pushing in quite big parts of apples/vegetables. You might cut an apple in a piece or two but that’s not big deal, I hope, for you.

Extracting process is loud but not too loud. Unlike in other juice extractor reviews about this one I will say only one word – pulp.

Pulp is relatively welt and I think it could be even more dry. But hey, compare the price and quality. As I said price is affordable and you can’t really blame the product. If you want to get most out of your juice then try something else but for now.. just use this one if you want.

So basically pro’s are price is affordable, decent motor, extracting process is quite fast, easy to clean but I don’t like that pulp is kinda wet and it’s not so quiet. It’s not too loud but I think it would wake up person who is sleeping in same room or so.

I hope you like this post and I think I’m going to write about Omega juicer and other juice extractor reviews of course.

Want to buy a juice extractor? Well this blog is about that – I’m writing about juicers and writing juice extractor reviews. I hope you like this blog because now I’m gonna review another juicer.

In this post I’m going to review a Hamilton jucier. Exact name of the model is Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67650 and you can purchase it amazon or see more information on purchasing here:

This is a decent juicer and I’d recommend it to you. I think main reason why I would recommend this machine to you is a big mouth. Even name of model says – this one got large feed chute (mouth) through which are passing fruits and vegetables (depending on what you want to juice) and that’s a good thing. I’m not even exaggarating but reason why is this good is reason you won’t have to cut apples, carrots or other foods into small slices. Almost smaller whole apple or a carrot will get in without any problems.

Maybe you will need to cut larger apple but you won’t need to cut smaller apples.

It’s very easy to assemble and dissemble this product. It’s easy to store and it’s very easy to maintain. Maybe you think that’s too much “easy” but it’s not. Let me tell you that you should be able to assemble this tool in less than half minute. Maintaining this machine is simple and I should mention in this juice extractor reviews this one weighs only 8 pounds. But what I like even more – price is lowered recently.

I noticed Amazon recently lowered price if I’m not wrong and that’s good way to save money. Price is affordable.

I also like the fact it’s not too noisiy. It’s noisy but not too much and its motor is very powerful and fast. It should easily extract any foods and pulp is not so moist. Maybe pulp could be even more dry but since this is a general purpose juicer I think it’s doing its job very well.

In this juice extractor reviews you learned that you should aim for juicers that are giving best results and most driest pulp. But pulp of this one is relatively dry and I think you should be pretty much satisfied with it.

I almost forgot. I didn’t mention cleaning is simple. Very simple. It’s fast and also let me mention that with this juicer comes large pulp collector. That’s good feature if you ask me.