So you are planning to buy a juice extractor? I’ll try to help you find the best one for you which suits your needs. In this review I’ll compare two juicer: Hamilton Beach Big Mouth and Black & Decker one.

So, let’s start.

Both juicer are valuable and have something interesting.

Exact model of Hamilton one is Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67650 and it’s one decent juicer. It has some interesting features such as for example you don’t need to pre-cut vegetables and fruits. This juicer has really big mouth and it’s easy to assemble and dissemble.

On that way this one is also clean up. Parts are safe for dishwasher so machine is capable of washing its part in dishwasher. Another feature is big bin for pulp. You can also just use a bag in order to easier dispose the pulp.

I noticed recently that price is lowered. It was cheap already so this is another huge reason why you should buy this juicer. Price is very affordable.

Extractor is designed very well and it weighs around 8 pounds.

As I said it’s really easy to assemble/dissemble. You can assemble parts in less than 30 seconds. Set is made from 4 pieces. In those pieces is included a very large pulp and plus a glass for juice.

It’s very easy to use this juicer.

So basically good sides of this juicer are good price, large feed chute, clening is very easy and using and maintaining is also easy. Extracting process is very fast and this is a decent juicer for general purpose.

Bad sides is that pulp is sometimes moist but take care to not push in the vegetables and fruits too fast. Also you may find as lack a short cord.

Okay now something in this review about juicer by Black&Decker. Exact title of the juicer is Black & Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor.

I will mention in this review that this juicer have some other features. For example pulp container is smaller and juice jup have a ruler for measuring. Cleaning is very easy. Also I will mention in this review that cutter is made of stainless steel which is very good thing.

This juicer have some less strength motor. Its motor have about 400 watts of power. Juice extractor is quite small. Assembling and dissembling process is very easy. Set is made of 7 pieces.

I think that this juicer is good for traveling and it’s very fast. But I think that lacks is that this juicer isn’t intended for heavy daily users. It’s not so strong. It’s sometimes noisy but after prolonged using it might become even more noisy.

So basically first one is good for families and 2nd one is good for occasional users who maybe travel a lot or aren’t planning to use juice extractor on a daily basis.