So you are planning to buy a juice extractor? Well I’ll try to help you and I hope you will buy a right one for you. In this review I’m gonna write about Black&Decker one. Exact model is JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor. You can search on Google for more basic information but I’ll try to share here all major information on this product I found online.

So basically this is a decent juicer. Using this juicer you can extract fruits and vegetables and on that way make a juicy, sweet and very yummy juice. But on other side these juicers are very healthy so you shouldn’t take in consideration to buy one if you didn’t already.

In this juicer is inbuilt a motor with 400 watts power, in the first place. It’s decently strong but not too strong.

Since the juicer isn’t too strong it’s relatively small and very compact. Its size is very compact and you can even travel with it. Blade is made of stainless steel so in the long term this juicer should be very good and good investment.

Another thing I like about this juicer is affordable price. This juice is very very cheap and affordable. Also you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

Cleaning process is very easy and fast. You can even wash the parts in dishwasher or manually.

Mouth (feed chute) isn’t too big but it’s not too small either. For example you will need to cut a cucumber into 3 pieces. I hope that givees you some idea how big is mouth.

However this isn’t intended for heavy using. If you are planning to heavy extract almost on a daily basis, I think then this isn’t right solution for you. This is very cheap, affordable and compact juice extractor. It’s intended for fairly light use and its compact size is good for traveling. If you travel a lot or if you are planning to travel a lot then you maybe should buy this juicer. Its compact size will help you to carry it around and you will be able to extract fresh juice from vegetables and fruits almost whenever you want.
Sometimes is too noisy but almost all juicers are quite noisy. Some are more noisy and some less but I think there is no totally not noisy juicer.

Also in this review I will tell you that if you are planning to use it fairly light, not so often and it’s good for traveling juicer, then it’s probably best solution for you.

But if you are planning to extract vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, then this is probably not best juicer for you and you should look for another one such as one by Hamilton.

Well that’s it. I think it’s not a waste of money because this juicer is cheap anyways. I’m not sure but I think that Black&Decker gives 1 year warranty. You can check that when purchasing. So if they give a some period of warranty, then why not – go for it.

If you want to make best and most out of your fruits and vegetables, I’d recommend you to buy some juice extractor. Well this document is right about that – In this PDF I’m going to review a juice extractors and I hope you’ll find these juice extractor reviews somewhat useful. There are many different juicers and sometimes is kind of difficult to bring the right decision. Whether you should buy some cheaper juicer or maybe invest more and buy some expensive one – that’s normal question.

Well that website might help you. But before you go there let me also write more about each of these juicers to help you bring the right decision.

Sometimes is difficult (as I said) to bring the right decision but I’ll write about each of juicer I found online and it might help you a bit.

Omega J8004

Omega is one very cool and good juicer. It’s very strong and powerful. But let me say that this is a masticating juicer. It’s different type of juicer and it means that it will take a bit more to extract the juice out. It has two stages of extracting process and that’s why is a bit slower than other juicers. But I think that’s the only lack you can find when it comes to this juice extractor.

Some users might find as a “lack” price of this product but this is probably best juicer out there so you can’t really complain. I like how the pulp is very dry and I think this juicer makes most out of your fruits and vegetables. I think that other juicers aren’t even close. By other juice extractor reviews this is probably best juice extractor on the market and I will mention in this review if you can save some money, you should definitely go for this one.

Waring JEX328
This is another very decent juice extractor. In these juice extractors reviews as I said I will reviewer juicers and so this juicer as well. It’s a decent and motor is semi-powerful, 400-watt motor is inbuilt so that’s good. I like the fact that parts are dishwasher safe (but I think that for most juicers parts are dishwasher safe, however read instruction manual on usage) and cleaning is very easy. It’s compact and it should fit in any kitchen. Housing is made of stainless-steel and you don’t have to worry about roast. I should mention in this juice extractor review that you probably won’t regret if you buy this juicer since it’s doing very good job and pulp is relatively dry. It could be maybe even more wet but it’s fair enough and maybe a small lack is that juicer is kinda loud.
Breville BJE200XL

Breville is another good juicer. Motor is slightly stronger than in Waring juicer – 700-watt motor and cleaning is very easy. Even a small brush for cleaning is included so you don’t have to worry about that. Design is attractive but this juicer is kinda big and it’s bigger than Waring one.

Pulp is very dry and that’s good and probably most important for potential buyers. I think you won’t regret if you buy this juice extractor and by many reviews this appliance is very strong competition to the first one in this document – the juicer by Omega.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67650 Review

This is another last but not least and this is a good juicer. I like especially the big mouth. You won’t need to cut a lot of veggies/fruits into small parts and maybe you will need to cut a bigger apple but I think you may put in a smaller apple without pre-cutting without any problems.

Con’s is that pulp is very dry if you put in foods too fast but otherwise it’s moist but not too moist but not so dry as in Omega juice extractor and cord is kinda short.