Interested in rice cooker? Want to have own rice cooking tool? Let me recommend to you Oster rice cooker. In this rice cooker reviews I’m going to write about Oster 4722 6-Cup rice cooker and I hope you’ll like these rice cooker reviews I’m posting here. This rice cooker is capable of many things such as keep warm mode.

Keep warm mode means that it will keep your rice warm even after is cooked. Let’s say you are going work in the morning. You put rice in there and when you come back from home you have ready rice, fresh and quality for eating. On that way you don’t have to worry about if rice will be warm and tasty for eating. But let’s talk about design first. This rice cooker is designed very well. I’m not sure but I think only color you can choose of this rice cooker is red. So red is color of this and I hope you like red. Well if you have such color in kitchen, then you might combine it. So yeah but also let me tell you that this cooker doesn’t have a timer. That means you won’t be able to plan your meals.

For example you won’t be able to get ready for your meals and you won’t be able to order your meals for the couple of hours or so. So basically this is not a set-and-forget cooker. You need to spend some time with this cooker when cooking and stir the food in order to get most out of your rice.

By this rice cooker reviews here this is a decent, cheap and not bad cooker but isn’t too good either. As name of this cooker says Oster 4722 6-Cup (Cooked) Rice Cooker with Steaming Tray this is a machine with steaming tray. You will be able to steam your food with it and that’s good thing especially if you steam a lot.

But not only that.

With it you should be able to cook some other foods such as fish meat, oatmeal and many vegetables. I think inside of package comes instruction manual.

I should maybe mention in this rice cooker reviews that this is only 4 pounds and it’s not that weight. That means you will be able to carry it around and especially if you travel a lot you will be able to take it with you. This is a versatile cooker and with it you should be able to cup around 6 cups (smaller cups though but it’s still good).



Rice cookers are very good. You can use them for many things. Some rice cookers are even steamers. On that way you are able to steam your food and what not. Well this post is exactly about that. It’s about another review on another rice cooker and I hope you’ll find it useful. Last time I reviewed Black&Decker rice cooker but in this post I’m going to review another rice cooker.

Well I will review Oster 4722 6-cup cooker. This cooker has even a steaming tray. As I said in first paragraph, some cookers are even steamers. This one cooker by Oster does same as well.

I think that this is a very compact and an inexpensive cooker. If you are looking to save money or if you are with shorter pocket then you might buy this one since it will be cheaper. But this isn’t a set-and-forget cooker. If you are looking for cooker that will do everything for you(you just put in rice and the water) then I think you will need to pay more.

This cooker requires some attention and stiring during cooking. But price is very good so that’s pro of this cooker.

I like that whole cooker is made of metal/glass. No plastic at all. For example bottom and steamer tray are made of metal. The lid is made of glass and I think you can look through so that’s good. Plastic might melt or something but on this way your cooker is safe.

This reviewer from here said:

“During cooking, rice might get crunchy, brown or even burnt. If you don’t stir occasionally that’s what happens. Keep rice-water ratio good and stir occasionally. If you like crunchiness, then this rice cooker is the right choice for you.”

This rice cooker is quite big and you should be able to cook 6 cups (smaller cups) of food. I said smaller because 1 cup of this cooker isn’t same as 1 regular cup. Maybe 6 cups is equal 4 or maybe 5 regular cups so yeah. But it’s still good in cooking. Beside cooking rice (like any other rice cooker is doing, right?) this one is capable of cooking or steaming vegetables and meat. I think it’s capable of cooking/steaming broccoli, salmon fish and cauliflower. Well it’s very good cooker I think.

Also I will metion in these rice cooker reviews that design is very simple. This is a basic cooker but yet very good. I like the fact that it weighs only 4 pounds. It’s very very easy to carry it around. However since isn’t so small it’s not that bad for traveling, but it maybe could be better. Another thing I should mention in these rice cooker reviews is that all these pots for rice might spew! But that’s why you should stir occasionally and take care of rice-water ratio.

So if you stir occasionally I think it won’t spew around so you are safe. Also take paper brush or something, so you are sure your surface will stay clean. This cooker doesn’t have a timer function but as I said it’s pretty basic cooker and price is very good.

Zojirushi is one really cool rice cooker and maybe I should mention in these rice cooker reviews that this is probably best rice cooker out there. I really like the design but I don’t like the – size. Size is very small and I think with it you should be able to cook around 3 or 4 cups of rice. Of course this isn’t enough for bigger families and that’s why many user find size of this rice cooker as a lack. That could be a problem for you especially if you need to cook larger amounts of rice. Beside rice, I think that this rice cooker is capable of cooking some other foods such as vegetables or oatmeal.

You should be pretty much able to cook other food. Beside that only lack is size, this cooker has almost any other lacks. It’s very good and it has many inbuilt features. As I said by many rice cooker reviews, reviewers said this is probably best rice cooker out there.

You get a high quality product for the price and I think you should be pretty much satisfied with it. Zojirushi rice cooker (Exact model I’m reviewing is: Zojirushi NS-LAC05) is very easy to clean and easy to maintain. It’s very easy to cook using this cooker even if it has many features.

Another cooker I’d like recommend to you is a cooker by Black&Decker. This is very decent cooker and many people find it very good. However again the problem is – size. This cooker is very very small and some people consider it as almost a toy. You should be able to cook enough around 3 cups that’s enough for 2 people. This is best cooker for personal use or eventually for one person more. If you aren’t planning to cook a lot of rice then this cooker might be right for you. However I think that you will need to stir occasionally in order to avoid browning the rice or even splattering.

But price is better than good and price is very affordable so you might take that in consideration when buying.

Another cool rice cooker is an by Aroma. Here is even a video review so you might take a look if you don’t mind. I hope you will watch that video because there you can see a lot of information on this cooker.

This rice cooker basically has some very good features such as that it cooks the rice very well and you are able to remove the inner pan. But small lack is short cord and some users reported that it’s sometimes difficult to clean if you leave the rice in for the longer time.

If you are planning to buy rice cooker let me recommend some rice cookers. You might think why you should read this review? Well this review is exactly on what you are looking for. That’s right. On this blog you can find rice cooker reviews. These cooker reviews will help you understand better which product you should buy. If you can’t decide which one you should buy I hope this post will help you. I will write here some home appliances that you might like and even buy if you like these. There are many products online you can find to cook the rice but let me write about this one by Panasonic. Exact model of this cooker is Panasonic SRG06FG 3.3-Cup (Uncooked) Automatic Rice Cooker. If you are interested please keep reading.

On this post you can find review summary but on the link I will forward you to, you can find more information and I think that for this cooker price is decent. It’s not cheap and not expensive.

For sure you can buy some other home appliance that’s more expensive but this one is good enough in my opinon. Did I mention this is a basic cooker?

Well there are two types of cookers – basic and advanced. Basic ones are as name suggests basic and don’t have many features. But they have their basic function – to cook rice. Of course if you are planning to buy a cooker for rice you are going to cook rice, right?

Well there are different cookers and this basic one don’t have many features but it’s capable of cooking rice and that’s good thing. Plus, if is inexpensive, fair enough.

If you order this Panasonic cooker, you will get a measuring cup and rice scoop. I should mention in these rice cooker reviews that cooker is very simple and design is very nice. It’s big enough for families. If you want to cook only for yourself then this cooker might be too big for you and you might reconsider some other cook.

Beside rice, this product should be able to does the oatmeal and good thing is that it automatically adjust time for cooking (maybe 5 minutes or so).

Cooking time is 15-20 minutes and rice consistency is good. Cleaning is very easy. You will need a couple of minutes to clean this pot and by many rice cooker reviews this product doesn’t have keep warm features. That means rice won’t be able to be kept for longer time warm. So you will need to serve almost immediately or in 1 hour or so.

So in short this is a basic appliance, price is affordable, it’s inexpensive, rice doesn’t brown, and it’s big enough even for families. It’s easy to maintain and cleaning up is very easy. But small con’s is that there is no bells, no whistles but probably you don’t need these. No keep warm mode but if you are planning to serve as soon as rice is cooked – you are good to go.

If you are planning to buy rice cooker let me help you with purchasing. If you are looking to purchase a rice cooker online (or even at market) let me recommend you some rice cooker reviews where you can find a lot of information on rice cookers.

Well there are many reviews online and sometimes is hard to bring the right decison. Well this post is just about that – to help you find the right rice cooker for you. But you should know this is just short version of full review on rice cookers you can find here.

However let me recommend this cooker by Aroma.

Exact model of this cooker is Aroma ARC-838TC 8-Cup (Uncooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer and as name suggests this isn’t just a rice cooker but this is also a food steamer. It means you will be able to steam the food with it. Primarily you will be able to steam the various foods and cook the rice with this home appliance.

I don’t know if this cooker has many lacks but one of these lacks is a short cord. If you don’t mind shorter cord then this product is maybe best for you. Price isn’t expensive and cooker is very affordable. By many rice cooker reviews probably best feature of this prodcut is one-operation button. With this feature you’ll be able to easily manage and maintain cooking the rice and you will be able to plan your meals.

Cooking takes only 30 minutes (maybe less, maybe slightly more) and I like the fact that cooker is big enough for even bigger families. You will be able to serve a couple of cups of rice and on that way you will be able to cook enough of rice for your whole family or friends. Steamer works on that way that you’ll be able to steam the vegetables with ease and good thing is that this rice cooker is capable of keeping the cooked rice for hours since this cooker (by rice cooking review from here) has inbuilt a very basic programming interface.

I’d recommend you to not use metal pottery inside of pot. Clean this cooker careful in order to not damage it. But don’t worry cleaning up is very easy and simple. I like how everything looks stainless and steely when it comes to this cooker. I hope you find this rice cooker review somewhat useful for you.